S7 Edge Overheating: This Steps Fix Your Problem

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S7 Edge Overheating

Let’s see our guide to fix Samsung S7 Edge overheating. Although it’s normal for smart phones to come up with heat as time passes, it’s totally worrisome in case a device, in such a scenario a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge), heats up a lot to the point it overheats.

S7 Edge Overheating, use the method below

Overheating is among the worst instances which will happen to a telephone because of mishandling and abuse. As an example, if you are enjoying with a CPU intensive game (and place at a really higher resolution) while charging, then the phone will likely overheat particularly in the event you use it like this for an hour or so.

This situation is worse than the first one since based on just how severe the issue is, the telephone can still snore even if powered off. In case the short-circuit is someplace close to the battery terminals, there is a possibility the battery may burst or enlarge, which may cause very serious issues to the hardware and of course an opportunity to crack or split the screen.

Before we jump to the particulars of the manual, in case you have other issues with your device, be certain that you drop by our S7 Edge Tracking page since it contains a huge number of problems we have already addressed. Find issues which are like yours and utilize the answers we proposed. When they don’t function for you or should you require further support, you may always reach us out by completing our Android problems questionnaire. s7 edge overheating after oreo update

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It’s imperative you purge or take the time to scrutinize your phone as soon as you notice that it is developing an excessive amount of warmth or in the stage wherein you feel uneasy touching it. Overheating may frequently be accompanied by random shut down and display flickering problems but do not wait for all these signs to occur. Nevertheless, here are what that you can do in case you Galaxy S7 Edge is warming up…

It’s essential that before you proceed to additional troubleshooting processes, you need to verify whether the origin of the heating or overheating is liquid harm since if it’s, DO NOT continue troubleshooting your apparatus. s7 edge overheating and freezing

Personally, I saw batteries burst due overcharging, short-circuit and vulnerability to fire and heat. Now we actually do not understand what is the actual reason for the growth of warmth on your device, but within a security pre-caution, instantly assesses the Liquid Damage Indicator when it is triggered or not.

S7 Edge Overheating

Remove the SIM and MicroSD card slot in the phone and look at the port and also check the LDI. When it’s white, then it may not be liquid harm, but if the decal seems to be purple, pink or reddish, there is a larger chance that it is really liquid harm that is causing the apparatus to warm up. In cases like this, NEVER try to turn in your telephone (when it moved off) nor bill if the battery level is reduced. Doing this can cause additional problems.

Assuming your telephone is afflicted by water damage, do not place the SIM and SD cards back. Rather, set the telephone into a bowl of rice in a vertical position to allow the grains absorb the damp that is inside your mobile phone. Following a day or two, attempt to flip it on and control it for a couple of minutes. If it heats up or if it does not return to, it is time you allow the tech check it to you.

Merge your S7 Edge in a secure manner and watch

You should only attempt this in the event that you’re 100% certain your telephone has not gotten wet or submerged in water. We’re currently looking for out if your programs have something related to this issue. As you probably already know, there are programs or games which use too much resources (CPU and RAM, and screen, etc.) and these are the types which could get the telephone to heating up.

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Booting your cell phone in protected mode will disable all third party programs. This will instantly provide you an insight if it is the third party programs which cause the issue or pre-installed ones based on the outcome. But please be aware that booting into safe mode does not fix anything. You are doing so to observe the functioning of your device.

  • The moment you’re able to view the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE’ on the display, launch the Power key and then instantly hold down the Volume key.
  • Continue holding down the Volume button until the system finishes rebooting.
  • You can release it when it is possible to view’Safe mode’ at the bottom left side of this display.
  • Otherwise, you only have to discover third-party programs which may be causing the problem and try disabling or uninstalling them. You might also attempt to reinstall them to determine whether this makes a huge difference. If that is true, you do not need to worry so much about your telephone since it’s fine.

You merely need to do this in case your cell phone heats up while in protected mode, which is, of course, if the unit remains powered up with sufficient battery.

The objective of this process is straightforward; to rule out the chance that one or a number of those pre-installed programs or the firmware itself is causing the issue. As you probably know, a reset will bring back the phone to its factory settings or condition wherein everything functions fine.

But you have to copy every file and information you do not wish to lose since they’ll be deleted through the procedure and can not be recovered if that occurs. That is also the main reason this process has to come in last.

NOTE: It isn’t important just how long you press and hold the House and Volume keys up, it will not impact the telephone, but from the time you press and hold the Power key, that is when the phone begins to respond.

Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reveals on the display, launch the Power key, but keep holding the House and Volume keys up.

Whenever the Android logo reveals, you might release both keys and leave the telephone be for approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

NOTE: The “Installing system upgrades” message will show on the display for many minutes prior to displaying the Android program retrieval menu. This is merely the first stage of the full procedure.

Together with the Volume Down key, browse through the choices and emphasize’wipe info / factory reset.’

  • Wait till your telephone is completed doing the Master Reset.
  • The phone will reboot more than normal.
  • This 3-step troubleshooting manual is for components which are heating up but may boot up or flip on successfully.

Additional Overheating Issues

  • For units which heat up just when charging, only attempt to bill them while powered. If they are still heating up to the point that it is uncomfortable holding they immediately send them for repair.
  • For the ones that heat up when using or enjoying matches, a reset is required to repair the matter, especially if the apparatus was not heating up throughout the first couple weeks of working with the program.
  • Units that have dropped onto a hard surface and began to heat up then, it is obvious physical harm and you want a technician for it.
  • If the issue persists, consult with a technician straight away.


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