S5 Not Charging, This Is The Problem [UPDATE]

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S5 Not Charging

This manual will share you about S5 Not Charging. In this guide, we’re likely to discuss potential solutions that will assist you mend Galaxy S5 billing problem. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a wonderful device packaged with a lot of amazing choices. But lately, many consumers have confronted Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging difficulty.

S5 Not Charging, this method has been proven to overcome it

There might be many reasons behind this difficulty, for example, faulty USB charging cable, loose link in electricity, damaged or bent charging interface on the telephone, etc.. For this reason, you have to look at all them one by one.

Before you proceed, I strongly advise that you discover if your Samsung Galaxy S5 was ruined by heat and how to repair it –The best way to repair the overheating problem on the Samsung Galaxy S5, which contributes to not charging. Or S5 not charging fast

To start with, be certain you are using the first charger since charging accessories of different manufacturers might have different voltage parameters and might make your Samsung Galaxy S5 to not bill correctly. S5 not charging yellow triangle

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Plug on your Samsung Galaxy S5 having a first Samsung Mobile charger, but don’t turn on your mobile phone. At times it could take little more time to control the phone. Following your phone begins charging, a charging icon must appear on the monitor. But if you notice nothing is appearing on the screen, then Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging problem is happening either by a busted charging cable or there’s some difficulty on your phone like the charging port is either broken or bent, or the charging contacts in your telephone aren’t cleaned.

To inspect the charger, charge yet another Samsung phone with the identical charger and see whether it’s working. If the flip phone is charging nicely, then the charger is good. Now you must check your mobile phone.

S5 Not Charging

Assess the charging port in your own Galaxy S5. To look at the charging port, have a mild, magnifying glass along with a pointed wooden toothpick. Afterward, see whether the charging interface is in the middle rather than bent.

Confirm the charging connections are clean. Occasionally dirt gets to the charging port that results in the matter. Insert a tiny needle in the charging port and wash it carefully so the vent doesn’t become damaged or bent.

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It’s advised to upgrade the software if the new version becomes accessible as it may fix many issues. To do this:

  • Connect into a Wi-Fi system
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Harness About Apparatus
  • Next, tap Software upgrade
  • Harness Update.

In the event the above steps don’t fix the matter, then boot your Galaxy S5 into Safe mode to assess whether any third-party program is causing the issue. Each of the third-party programs will probably be disabled temporarily within this manner.

After releasing the Power secret press down the Volume key instantly and keep holding.

If it does, then a third party program is the offender, you’ve got to uninstall the programs one by one before the matter has been gone or perform mill reset. But in the event the slow charging difficulty remains in Safe mode, then there’s not any other way except to run a factory reset (explained below). Before that, backup all of the data, this procedure deletes all of the info.

As we’ve mentioned previously, by doing mill data reset, all of your info, data, personal preferences, and third party programs will probably likely be deleted, so before you move, be certain that you backup everything that is vital.

S5 Not Charging

Visit Settings

  • Harness Backup and reset
  • Next, If You Would like, check out the following choices Back up my information, Backup accounts, and Automatic restore
  • Now tap Factory info reset
  • Tap Reset device
  • Should you set a PIN code You’ll Be asked to input it?
  • Tap Continue
  • Harness Delete All.


  • Try out another charger with Samsung cellular source.
  • Try another USB Cable and charge from Kies.
  • Consider charging off it through PC/Laptop.
  • Consider removing the battery for 3 minutes, then let it cool and then charging .
  • Blow within the USB interface and repair the contacts when it is bent.
  • Reboot your telephone many times.
  • Download the battery charging electric current app to track charging.

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