How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings [UPDATE]

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How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings

We will to guide you about How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings. Whenever your LG phone is lagging or slow, can’t send or get iMessage, or perhaps crash for upgrading functioning system. Do not worry! Learn additional information about the answers for how to reset LG cell phone without losing information by means of this report. This report presents 4 often used methods that reach the target with ease procedure.

How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings [Best Tutorial]

How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings

Step 1: If you will need to reset LG telephone, you have to learn more information about the kind of LG phone. The method to reset LG for distinct kinds are distinct. Just have a look at the overall procedure as below.

Step 2: Once the LG logo looks, it is possible to release the”Electricity” Key to get a second. And then immediately press and hold the key once more to input the Factory reset display.

Stepp 3: And you are going to enter the Factory reset display, simply release both keys.

Step 4: Now it is possible to utilize Volume rockers to browse and Power button to verify. You then are able to discover the LG Welcome Panel pop-up.

It’s the overall procedure to reset LG telephone with key mix. If you’re using a distinctive kind of LG phone, you may merely check the detail option in the official site of LG instead.

How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings

Method 2. The Way to reset LG telephone from Preferences Menu

If you’re able to still get into LG phone, there’s a process to reset LG phone straight from the Preferences menu. Find additional information about the alternative and accessibility to the Settings menu in LG phone today.

Step 1: Visit Programs from the Home Screen, then access to”Settings”.

Step 2: Pick the”Backup & reset” alternative. Pick”Factory info resets”.

Step 3: Verify to reset LG telephone by tapping on the”Reset telephone” option.

Method 3. The Way to reset lock LG cell phone with Android Lock Screen Removal

On some occasions, you may forget the pin number for your LG phone. In terms of the instance, it needs to be much caution. Here are the techniques you may follow along with reset locked LG phone.

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Primarily, you have to start the Dr. frone toolkit on your computer or Mac as soon as you install it.

Step 2: Connect your LG mobile with PC and start the Procedure

Connect your LG cell phone to PC using a USB cable or even Wi-Fi system. Click”Start” to start the procedure. how to reset lg tv to factory settings

Step 3: Pick the ideal phone version advice for your LG mobile phone.

When you complete the measures above, there are lots of telephone model information will show on the port. Pick the proper information on your mobile phone.

How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings

Step 4: Establish the application and then enter the Download Mode

Then press the”Power Up” button and then hold that, meanwhile join the LG phone using the USB cable. You have to keep pressing and maintain the”Power Up” Button until the Download Mode displays.

The program will fit the LG phone itself after the telephone running the download manner normally. After that, click “Remove”, only for some time, your display lock will be eliminated. how to reset lg to factory settings

When you clear the display prick of your LG mobile, then it is possible to reset LG cell phone as normal ways.

Method 4. The Way to reset LG cell phone by Discover My Device

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Locate My Device makes it possible to easily track down a missing Android apparatus, also keeps your data safe and sound as you seem. If you eliminate an Android cellphone, tablet computer, or Wear watches, you’ll find lock, or even erase it.

Primarily, you have to see and log into Android Device Handle through the credential of your Google Account that could link to a LG phone.

See and Log in

Step 2: Just click on the icons to arrange the LG phone

There are numerous alternatives in the face once you enter the app, click on the icons, then you’re able to discover the place of your LG phone. If you would like to modify the lock click on the”Lock” icon to initiate the procedure.

How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings

Step 3: Compose and confirm that the new password to your LG phone

When you complete the step3, then you will notice a window where it is possible to compose the password for the resets LG phone. After that, click on”Lock” to help keep the process moving.

Hit on”Erase” button to validate eliminate the information on your LG phone. Just wait a few moments; you’ve reset your LG mobile.

  • Click Erase
  • More: Recover the missing information before the reset LG Phone
  • Should you want to mill reset your LG mobile, you may not have the opportunity to backup your own files. Then, the information on your LG mobile is going to likely be erased definitely. Thus, regain the missing and eliminate folders after resetting the locked LG telephone is essential. The very best solution is receiving the deleted information back together with Tipard Android Data Recovery. The section will describe the detail procedure about restoring missing files after resetting LG telephone.

Measure 1

You have to download and set up Tipard Android Data Recovery for your PC. Then launch the app on your PC.

Measure 2

Connect your LG mobile with a PC

As soon as you join LG phone to your PC, the program can discover the data of LG phone mechanically.

Tips: If you start this program on your PC for the very first time, you will need to install a driver with this particular application to understand your LG mobile phone.

Measure 3

You have to follow the measures the port screen to start the USB debugging to authorize your LG phone. During the following step, the program will discover your LG phone.

Authorize Android

How To Reset LG Phone To Factory Settings

Step 4

Opt for the types of the documents you want to Recuperate

After you have completed the following steps above, the port of your computer will reveal the varieties of information of your apparatus. Pick the kinds of documents you want to restore and click on”Next”, and then the program will scan the files that are related.

Pick Data

Step 5

Retrieve the information to your reset LG telephone

After scanning for some time, all of the detail documents you choose would turn up on the web page. Select the files you want to recuperate and click on”Recover”, then all of the files you choose will recover to your LG phone.

Recover Data


Should you would like to reset your LG mobile, by first means it is possible to utilize Android Lock Screen Removal eliminate the display lock and follow the regular means to reset LG phone. Nonetheless, you need to recall, retrieve your lost information after resetting your LG cell phone, then the Tipard Android Data Recovery is your very best instrument for you.

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