Galaxy S7 Keeps Restarting: Troubleshooting Guide

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Galaxy S7 Keeps Restarting

This issue is galaxy s7 keeps restarting, Random #reboots and regular restarts might result from faulty hardware like the #battery or it may be due to corrupt caches and/or information. The other possibility is that an app or two keeps crashing and produces battles in the firmware which will lead to freezing and the restart.

Galaxy s7 keeps restarting, How to fix?

Since we began encouraging the #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge), we have already seen lots of issues such as this and much more frequently, they happen after a firmware upgrade regardless whether it is a major upgrade or only a safety patch. My point is, there is a higher chance that this dilemma is firmware-related, particularly when it began from the blue without obvious reason. galaxy s7 keeps restarting after update, the regurlarly issue you have to fix it

Keep reading to learn more about the issue and find out how to repair it. I’ll be providing step-by-step directions about the best way best to troubleshoot your device when this item happens. While we constantly strive to repair the issues sent by our subscribers, we do not resort to quite technical processes or the ones that need advance knowledge in flashing firmware or opening a telephone since the bulk of our subscribers are not as techie as others. Therefore, our processes are safe to follow along, yet, things can still occur even when you’re cautious so please proceed at your own risk. galaxy s7 keeps restarting in safe mode and the solving problem

For people who have other problems, be sure to drop by our S7 Edge Tracking page where we place all of the links to articles we print every week. Attempt to locate issues which are like yours and use our proposed solutions and/or troubleshooting manuals. Should you require further guidance, you might contact us by filling our Android problems questionnaire.

Inside this troubleshooting guide, we’ll attempt to rule out one chance after another to have the ability to ascertain the cause and find a way to solve the issue.

Galaxy S7 Keeps Restarting

Measure 1: What happens when the phone finds stable power supply?

A faulty battery can cause this problem because the energy source is shaky and consequently leads to arbitrary reboots. Therefore, for step one, attempt to plug from the charger into the wall socket and connect the cable into your mobile phone. The difficulty we obtained was about the system that keeps restarting thus that I presume the device can control with, no matter, otherwise, you want to read this article: The best way to troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that is not charging & other power-related problems.

On the flip side, if the telephone charges nice, then watch the apparatus to be aware of whether it reboots on its own while being billed because if not we may be taking a look at a potential battery issue. But if that is true, we recommend that you continue with the troubleshooting.

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However, what if the phone reboots while being billed?

In cases like this, we’re still hoping to isolate the issue since it may be a hardware or a firmware problem. The next step can help.

Step 2: Split your telephone to diagnostic condition and watch Additional

The next thing we have to rule out is the chance that two or one of the downloaded programs will be crashing, which might cause firmware crash also and cause random reboots based on the intensity of this instance. Some program crashes might only freeze the telephone for a couple seconds, but there are those that cause as much trouble. You Have to isolate whether it is a third party program that is causing a pre-installed one by booting the device in protected mode:

The moment you’re able to view the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE’ on the display, launch the Power key and then instantly hold down the Volume key.

Proceed holding down the Volume button until the system finishes rebooting.

You could launch it when it is possible to view’Safe mode’ at the bottom left side of this display.

As soon as you’ve booted in protected mode, watch closely to know whether the telephone still reboots or maybe not anymore.

If the telephone still reboots, then your third party programs don’t have a thing to do with it. It is a sign that we may be dealing with a firmware problem. Otherwise, you simply need to locate those programs and uninstall them.

This way is a general monitoring process for your firmware. We all know now that the third party programs don’t have a thing to do with all the reboot issue. Since pre-installed programs are embedded into the firmware, it is better that we purge the firmware right that go after person programs. In any case, we do not know which program is the offender so that it would take much time locating them.

Following the procedure, the telephone will produce new caches which will work flawlessly together with the firmware.

    Switch off the phone.

    Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reveals on the display, launch the Power key, however keep holding the House and Volume Up keys.

    As soon as the Android logo reveals, you might release both keys and leave the telephone be for approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

    Employing the Volume Down key, browse through the choices and emphasize’wipe cache.’

    Wait till your telephone is completed wiping off the cache partition.

    The telephone will reboot more than normal.

When the unit is ready and up, continue your monitoring and when it reboots after each of the processes you have completed, another step must be the final.

Step 4: Bring back the phone to its own default options through Master Reset

It comes last because it takes one to make a copy of your important files and information, particularly ones which are stored in your phone’s internal memory. The backup method is generally a hassle, but you will need to do it.

NOTE: It isn’t important just how long you press and hold on the House and Volume keys up, it will not impact the telephone, but from the time you press and hold the Power key, that is when the telephone starts to react.

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Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reveals on the display, launch the Power key, but keep holding the House and Volume keys up.

As soon as the Android emblem shows, you might release both keys and leave the telephone be for approximately 30 to 60 minutes. NOTE: The”Installing system upgrades” message will show on the display for many minutes prior to displaying the Android program retrieval menu. This is merely the first stage of the full procedure.

Employing the Volume Down key, browse through the choices and emphasize’wipe info / factory reset.’

Now underline the option’ Yes, delete all of the user data’ with the Volume Down key and press the Power button to choose it.

Wait till your telephone is completed doing the Master Reset. Once done, highlight’reboot system’ and press the Power key.

The telephone will reboot more than normal.

If the issue still persists after this, then it is time you shipped it to get a checkup or fix since it may be a hardware problem. You have done everything you have to do in order to rule out the chance that the issue is due to a firmware problem

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