I will to tell you about how to Screenshot iPhone 7. Now the Home button on iPhone 7 along with iPhone 7 Plus was replaced with a brand new pressure sensitive button powered by Taptic Engine, you could be thinking about how you are able to take a screenshot on

This manual will guide you to fix phone wont download pictures in text messages. When you can not send or receive multimedia messages, or MMS, in your own Android smartphone, the issue might be the consequence of network difficulties or a software issue with the telephone. Based upon the origin

This manual guide you about My iPhone Won’t Turn Off. Your iPhone will not turn off and you are not certain why it is happening. Perhaps you’re attempting to detach from the outside world for a couple of minutes, or you are attempting to conserve a great deal of battery

I will to teach you how to iPhone 7 Not Charging. Besides battery draining, a few folks have ended up using an iPhone 7 which is charging intermittently, charging quite gradually, or not charging after upgrading to iOS 11. This issue isn’t new however. We have heard a great deal

This manual guide you to fix iphone 7 touch screen not working. It is evident when this occurs, you are going to get to the screen and nothing happens, swipes will probably be dismissed, taps do not do anything, along with other touch onto the display does not enroll any

The most problems on iphone 7 is iPhone 7 Overheating. Many iPhone 7 consumers have complained about the iPhone becoming too hot lately. If you are experiencing the heating problems with your Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, this guide is really a must-read so you can get over

I will to help you to fix iphone no sim card. This isn’t a problem unique to the iPhone 7. Why Does My Telephone Not accept the SIM Card? It’s really hard to pinpoint the specific reason as to why iPhones which use a SIM card screen error messages randomly.

I will to guide you about how to soft reset iphone 6. It involves a power cycle in which you just power your device off and then power it on. It will help solve minor problems, particularly when your device was around for quite a very long moment. In addition,