Being writers is tiresome in many, many different ways.  If it’s not dealing with writers block, criticism or trying to gain traction in the business side of things, writers also deal with long hours of work trying to actually do the work.

This mostly comes in the form of sitting down in front of a laptop and staring and thinking.  I don’t know about you, but I usually go in batches of 4 hours, multiple times a day.  This can sometimes add up to 60 hours a week or more.  That’s a lot of time to be sitting in front of a computer, typing and clicking away.  This can take a toll on the body.

A Brief History of Ergonomic Computer Stuff

When computers were first invented and first made their way into the workplace, there was no consideration around the safety of use.  I don’t know if people planned for workers to be at it 40 hours a week at these things, but if they did, they didn’t have to foresight to realize that it could be a very injurious process.

In the 90’s, when the worker mice were at full force, the instances of repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rose dramatically.  This was followed by the introduction of computer equipment that was more ergonomically sound.  This included keyboards, mice, desks, and chairs.

The Introduction of the Vertical Mouse

The ergonomic mouse, however, is still underutilized.  Most people, even those that care about ergonomic chairs, still use regular mouse and keyboards.  The top rated ergonomic mouse on the market bares no resemblance to the usual mouse that people have come accustomed to since the beginning of time (really, most mice look nearly exactly the same as the first mouse ever made).

The vertical mouse takes a wildly different approach, actually letting the hand to have the thumb up, like a handshake.  This greatly lessens the strain on the wrist and forearm, and that sensitive carpal tunnel.

Let the Relief Flow Through

Ever since I brought my own ergonomic set up, including a kneeling chair for my back, ergonomc mouse and keyboard, and a wonderful(ly) expensive ergonomic chair, I have the comfort and relief flow through all my work sessions.  I really recommend anyone who spends more than 4 hours a day at a computer to consider loading up on some more ergonomic equipment.

Even if you don’t feel in pain now, its probably a good investment for the future.  You don’t wait until you have a cavity or toothache to start brushing your teeth, do you?  So don’t wait until you feel the pain in your wrist or the ache in your back to get yourself an ergonomic computer setup.



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