Poetry is perhaps one of the oldest forms of art; older than short stories and other forms of literature. As a matter of fact, ancient history was often preserved in form of poems and then passed from generation to generation. The best examples are Homeric poems that tell us a lot about ancient Greek history. One reason for such an observation is that poetry is personal and is associated with emotions and individual perceptions.

Learning poetry is pretty easy and anyone interested can become a poet in their own perspective. Of course there those that excel at the art more than others. However, you only need to find your bearing and the best way to convey your feelings and emotions. The internet providers diverse opportunities for beginners to learn the art through poetry learning courses online. Online courses basically take you through lessons where you learn styles used in poetry. Like any other form of art, poetry has its own rules and you will need to learn about styles like:

  • simile
  • alliteration
  • metaphor
  • onomatopoeia

There are also different types of poems and you will need to decide the one that suits you better. Some poem types that you will learn online include:

  • Sonnet
  • Haiku
  • Limerick
  • Epic
  • Free verse

The role of poetry writing courses online is to help you connect with your emotions and learn styles that you can use to convey your feelings effectively. You must be having some interest in poetry for you to consider online classes in the first place. It should be easy because poets write about what they observe and feel about themselves and their surroundings. What makes a poet stand out is not the complexity of style but the ease with which readers can connect with their poems.
Online classes are the best because they allow you to connect with people with the same interest from diverse backgrounds. This means that when you get down to write your own your experience will be rich and diverse.

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